Meet Don

Consistent, Conservative Leadership

To those who haven’t gotten to know me yet, let me introduce myself. I’m Don Zimmerman. For nearly two decades, I have been passionately involved in fighting for tax relief -- not just voicing it for votes during the campaign season or whenever it is convenient.
My record as the Taxpayers' Voice of Reason has been clear and consistent.
Voters all across Austin and Texas are waking up and insisting on transparency and real tax relief from their elected officials at all levels. As the District 6 representative on the Austin City Council (Northwest Austin) I was the only candidate responsible for ending a property tax --- during my tenure as President of the Northwest Austin Municipal Utility District No. 1 in 2010. Furthermore, I have been successful at implementing a Homestead Exemption.
Becoming the first elected representative of the newly created District 6, I worked hard to ensure that the agenda of the City Council remained in the hands of the Council, not in the hands of city bureaucrats.
I continue to fight for the spirit of the Austin 10-1 Plan (going from an at-large Council to one with geographic districts). This plan was implemented to more accurately represent all taxpayers instead of just downtown special interests (though certain personalities downtown haven't quite gotten the message, yet!).
Now you can join me in my campaign for Texas House District 47 as we work together as taxpayers to keep government accountable and responsive. Once we win, we’ll need not just clear and consistent stands on the issues, but courageous representation to make sure the taxpayers have a seat in the Legislature.
Are you ready to make a lasting difference at the Texas Capitol?
Don Zimmerman for Texas House District 47